Slash's Blues Ball
"I've never had predetermined goals for collaborating outside of my own group or project. I like the spontaneity of hooking with different artists by chance." (Slash)

In the autumn of 1995, Slash got back with Guns N' Roses, as the first Snakepit hiatus allowed him to put aside the tensions that opposed him to Axl. Nobody knows what really happened at that time but starting January 1st of 1996, Slash is no longer part of Gun's N Roses. His departure is not yet official when he is invited to play at the Sziget festival in Budapest: Slash accepts and puts up a Blues and Rock cover band.

Lead vocals are held by Teddy Andreadis, former stage harmonica and keyboardist of Gun N' Roses, and bass player Johnny Blackout is immediately hired. A rhythm guitar, a drummer and a saxophonist complete the line-up and they all fly to Budapest under the name of Slash's Blues Ball. More than 200,000 people attend the festival where artists such as Iggy Pop, Prodigy, Sonic Youth and The Stone Roses were also headlining. The Blues Ball takes the stage with twenty covers and splits once the mission is accomplished.

The 30th October of 1996 is a crucial milestone in Slash's professional career as Axl announces that Slash will no longer be involved in Guns N' Roses activities thus officializing the definitive split. As Slash doesn't like to remain inactive, he gets back on the road with the Blues Ball less than a month after. The band adds around ten covers to its repertoire to play four to five times a month in the U.S.A. until the summer of 1997, changing rhythm guitars and drummers from time to time. In June, Slash's Blues Ball gives two concerts in London for the Mad About Music festival. They play another seven gigs and will get on stage for the last time in November 16 during a tribute show for Jason Becker in Amsterdam.

Band members

Slash's Blues Ball Slash's Blues Ball flyers for shows in the U.S.A.

Played songs

Neither Can I (Slash's Snakepit) / Always On The Run (Lenny Kravitz) / Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) / Stone Free (Jimi Hendrix) / Red House (Jimi Hendrix) / Born Under A Bad Sign (William Bell) / Crossroads (Robert Johnson) / Nightprowler (AC/DC) / Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac) / Let It Roll (UFO) / Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper) / The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King) / Key To The Highway (B.B. King) / Bad Luck (B.B. King) / Slowride (Foghat) / Superstitious (Stevie Wonder) / Funk #49 (James Gang) / The Pusher (Steppenwolf) / Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf) / Travelin' Band (Creedence Clearwater Revival) / Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon) / Bring It On Home (Willie Dixon) / Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley) / Going Down (Don Nix) / Shake Your Money Maker (Elmor James) / Use Me (Bill Withers)

Live guests

Concerts & shows

Aug 14, 1996 Budapest Hungary Sziget Festival
Nov 20, 1996 San Diego U.S.A. Brick By Brick
Nov 21, 1996 San Juan U.S.A. The Coach House
Nov 22, 1996 Los Angeles U.S.A. House of Blues
Dec 5, 1996 New York U.S.A. Tramps
Dec 6, 1996 Boston U.S.A. Mama Kin's
Dec 7, 1996 Philadelphia U.S.A. Electric Factory
Jan 29, 1997 Palo Alto U.S.A. The Edge Nightclub
Jan 30, 1997 San Francisco U.S.A. The Trocadero
Jan 31, 1997 Santa Ana U.S.A. Galaxy Theatre
Feb 1, 1997 Portland U.S.A. Roseland
Feb 2, 1997 Seattle U.S.A. Fenix Underground
Feb 6, 1997 Tempe U.S.A. Electric Ballroom
Feb 7, 1997 Santa Ana U.S.A. Galaxy Theatre
Feb 8, 1997 Ventura U.S.A. Ventura Theatre
Apr 4, 1997 Baton Rouge U.S.A. Varsity Theatre
Apr 6, 1997 Austin U.S.A. Back Room
Apr 8, 1997 San Antonio U.S.A. White Rabbit
Apr 10, 1997 New Orleans U.S.A. House of Blues
Apr 11, 1997 Houston U.S.A. Area 51
Apr 12, 1997 Dallas U.S.A. Caravan of Dreams
Apr 14, 1997 Phoenix U.S.A. Cajun House
Apr 15, 1997 Las Vegas U.S.A. Hunt Ridge Club
Apr 19, 1997 Las Vegas U.S.A. Pink E's
May 10, 1997 Baltimore U.S.A. HarborView Center
May 23, 1997 Los Angeles U.S.A. McInerny's
May 24, 1997 Chicago U.S.A. House of Blues
May 28, 1997 Boston U.S.A. Mama Kin's
Jun 6, 1997 Seattle U.S.A. The Fenix Underground
Jun 20, 1997 London England Docklands Arena
Jun 21, 1997 London England Docklands Arena
Jul 1, 1997 Clarkston U.S.A. Pine Knob Theatre
Jul 25, 1997 Old Bridge U.S.A. Birch Hill
Jul 26, 1997 Lincoln U.S.A. Loon Mountain
Aug 27, 1997 Los Angeles U.S.A. Hollywood Colonade
Aug 31, 1997 Los Angeles U.S.A. Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Oct 5, 1997 Santa Cruz U.S.A. Hollywood Bike Jam 97
Oct 31, 1997 Phoenix U.S.A. Cajun House
Nov 16, 1997 Amsterdam Netherlands Paradiso
Jan 31, 1998 Los Angeles U.S.A. The Roxy Theatre
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