Velvet Revolver
"I played in Velvet Revolver, which is a raw, bombastic blues band with a punk rock edge to it. It's like everything is based around the blues, no matter what the groove is." (Scott Weiland)

Slash played with Velvet Revolver from 2003 to 2008 and recorded two studio albums with the band.

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Studio albums: 2 | Studio songs: 38 | Live albums: none | Singles & EPs: 9 | Music videos: 7
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2002-2003: foundation

The starting point for ex-Gunners collaboration happened when Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum performed at a benefit concert to raise money after Randy Castillo passed away. The three musicians then began rehearsing and hired Dave Krushner (Danzig, Infectious Grooves, Loaded) as rymth guitarist, even if Izzy Stardlin joined them for couple of rehearsals. While the band is temporary called The Project, the singer recruitment process is being filmed by VH1 in order to make a documentary.

2004-2005: Contraband era

In May 2003 the band releases two singles with Scott Weilland (Stone Temple Pilot) on vocals for the soundtracks to the movies Hulk and The Italian Job: the original recorded song "Set Me Free" and a cover of Pink Floyd's "Money", with Teddy Zig Zag as guest on keyboards. After hearing more than 500 demos and hundreds of auditions, Scott Weiland, already auditioned seven months before, officially becomes the band new singer. The band, now called Velvet Revolver performs its first show at the El Rey Theatre on June 19th 2003 and gains the major label attention, while "Set Me Free" is heavily broadcasted on U.S. radio stations.

Velvet Revolver signs with RCA Records label in August 2003 and hits the studio to record 14 tracks with producer Josh Abraham (Kid Rock, Korn, Limp Bizkit ou Depeche Mode). But the album release is delayed as Scott Weiland is arrested for drug possession and a court order mentions that he could only work for three hours a day. The record, titled Contraband, is eventually released on June 8, 2004, and, helped by the success of the single "Slither", debuted at number 1 on the Billboard, selling over 250,000 copies in its first week. The album is certified 2xplatinum the week after and would eventually sell 2,9 milllions copies in the U.S.A., 4 millions worldwide.

They toured the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, extensively for 19 months.The following year they won the Grammy Award for Best Hard rock performance. They are then invited to perform at Live 8 in London with various artists including U2, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Robbie Williams and Madonna.

2006-2008: Libertad era

In 2006, while Velvet Revolver members are working on various projects, they reunite to record the track "The House Is Alive" who was supposed to be released on the motion movie The Monster House soundtrack, but that will never be. The next summer, after playing couples of gigs, Velvet Revolver begins working with Brendan O' Brian and start recording in December their second album.

Following the completion of the album, Velvet Revolver performs for Van Halen induction into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. In support of this second album, the band plays 5 shows in Chili, Brazil and Argentina, followed by an U.S. tour in May 2007. The album first single "She Builds Quick Machine" is aired on radio stations. To serve as a precursor to the release of their new album, which featured two songs from Libertad, a cover of Talking Head song "Psycho Killer" and a video documentary about the making of Libertad as well as a live video of the band performing "Do It For The Kids". In the meantime, the band hits Europe but most of the shows are cancelled. Libertad is eventually released on July 2, 2007.

After playing a live show for MySpace, the band films a music video for "The Last Fight", second single from Libertad, on August 3. Velvet Revolver then tours in the U.S.A., Canada and releases "Get Out The Door" after the fans were called for a vote to decide which song should be released as the third single. In march 2008, Velvet Revolver returns to Europe for 7 shows, where Weiland announced to the crowd that it was the band's last tour. Scott's departure because of tensions inside the band is announced few days later. Re-Evolution Tour consisted in 110 shows in 16 countries. Even if the band continues recording and searching for a new singer, they put Velvet Revolver in standby and after all decide to split the band.

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