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"Experiencing yourself out of context, divorced from your usual point of view, skews your perspective, it's like hearing your voice on an answering machine, it's almost like meeting a stranger or discovering a talent you never knew you had." (Slash)

"I dedicate this record to the incredible fans around the world everywhere. There are no more loyal and enthusiastic fan on the planet than you guys." (Slash)

"Also the great mystery answer: what's going on in the brain under that top hat? Slash really exposes himself and gave us everything we might possibly want." (Anthony Bozza)

"You can't wait around for destiny to give you what you think you deserve, you have to earn it, even if you've paid your dues." (Slash)

"Happy 10th anniversary to @SlashParadise supporting #SMKC ! Thanks for your commitment & loyalty, you rock! Cheers!." (Slash)

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Gn'R Tour 2020-2022
Gn'R Tour 2020-2022
"We all were pretty positive that that would never happen, so it's still sort of blowing our minds." (Slash)
>> Gn'R Tour 2020-2022
New album 4
New album 4
>> New album 4
Slash Paradise