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"I've always had to do things my way, I play guitar my way, I've taken myself to the edges of life my way, I've gotten clean my way. And I'm still here but whether or not I deserve to be is another story." (Slash)

"A lot of vices that I've had over the years were always to make up for some sort of character deficiency, one of them being shyness." (Slash)

"Restlessness is a fickle catalyst, it can drive you to achieve or it can coax your demise, and sometimes the choice isn't yours." (Slash)

"I never want to draw attention to myself, but that's all I do." (Slash)

"Notes and chords have become my second language and, more often than not, that vocabulary expresses what I feel when language fails me." (Slash)

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Gn'R Tour 2020-2022
Gn'R Tour 2020-2022
"We all were pretty positive that that would never happen, so it's still sort of blowing our minds." (Slash)
>> Gn'R Tour 2020-2022
New album 4
New album 4
>> New album 4
Slash Paradise