GN'R Lies
"Tom Zutaut convinced us to package the acoustic recordings we'd just done with the Live Like A Suicide album and release it immediately. We called it GN'R Lies." (Slash)

Although it was sold as such, this second record isn't an album as a whole but a collage of the four tracks from Live Like A Suicide and four new acoustic songs. GN'R Lies debuted at number 5 on the Billboard charts.
GN'R Lies

Album information

By: Guns N' Roses

Released: November 29, 1988

Length: 33:31

Label: Geffen

Producer: Mike Clink & Guns N' Roses

Recorded: Rumbo Studios / Take One Studios / Image Recording

Single: Patience



  1. Reckless Life (Rose / Slash / Stradlin / Weber)
  2. Nice Boys (Rose Tatoo)
  3. Move To The City (Stradlin / Weber)
  4. Mama Kin (Aerosmith)
  5. Patience (Stradlin / McKagan / Rose)
  6. Used To Love Her (Stradlin)
  7. You're Crazy (Slash / Rose)
  8. One In A Million (Rose)

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Guns N' Roses
From the album GN'R Lies
Released: April 1989
Label: Geffen
Tracklist: 1. Patience / 2. Rocket Queen
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Gn'R Tour 2020-2023
"We all were pretty positive that that would never happen, so it's still sort of blowing our minds." (Slash)
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