Live Era '87-'93
"It's not pretty and there are a lot of mistakes, but this is Guns N' Roses, not the fucking Mahavishnu Orchestra. It's as honest as it gets." (Slash)

As Guns N' Roses has been dismembered for five years, Live Era '87-'93 came out on November 1999. It's the first Guns N' Roses official live album almost entirely featuring tracks recorded during Use Your Illusion Tour.
Live Era '87-'93

Album information

By: Guns N' Roses

Released: November 23, 1999

Length: 133:02

Label: Geffen

Producer: Del James & Andy Wallace

Recorded: over the world

Singles: none

Associated tour: Get In The Ring Tour



  1. Nightrain (live Las Vegas 25/01/1992)
  2. Mr. Brownstone (live London 31/08/1991)
  3. It's So Easy (live Paris 06/06/1992)
  4. Welcome To The Jungle (live Buenos Aires 05/12/1992)
  5. Dust N' Bones (live New York 16/05/1991)
  6. My Michelle (live London 31/08/1991)
  7. You're Crazy (live Tokyo 10/12/1988)
  8. Used To Love Her (live Tokyo 10/12/1988)
  9. Patience (live Mexico City 23/04/1993)
  10. It's Alright (live Houston 04/09/1992)
  11. November Rain (live Tokyo 22/02/1992)

  1. Out Ta Get Me (live London 28/06/1987)
  2. Pretty Tied Up (live Tokyo 22/02/1992)
  3. Yesterdays (live Las Vegas 25/01/1992)
  4. Move To The City (live Tokyo 22/02/1992)
  5. You Could Be Mine (live Tokyo 22/02/1992)
  6. Rocket Queen (live Las Vegas 25/01/1992)
  7. Sweet Child O' Mine (live Paris 06/06/1992)
  8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (live London 20/04/1992)
  9. Don't Cry (live Tokyo 22/02/1992)
  10. Estranged (live Tokyo 22/02/1992)
  11. Paradise City (live Las Vegas 25/01/1992)

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Reunion Tour
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