Slash R&FN'R
"I wanted to do an album where I could have a bunch of people guest on my record because I'm so used to doing sessions on other people's records." (Slash)

Slash is the eponymous debut solo album by Slash. Produced by Eric Valentine the album featured multiple musicians including four of the five members of the Appetite For Destruction era Guns N' Roses line-up. Upon release, the album entered on the Billboard 200 charts as number 3, selling 61,000 copies in its first week of release.
Slash R&FN'R

Album information

By: Slash with guests

Released: March 31, 2010

Length: 60:29

Labels: EMI (U.S.A.) / Roadrunner (Europe) / Universal (Japan) / Sony (Australia)

Producer: Eric Valentine

Recorded: Barefoot Recording Studios

Singles: By The Sword / Back From Cali / Beautiful Dangerous

Associated tour: We're All Gonna Die Tour



  1. Ghost (with Ian Astbury & Izzy Stradlin)
  2. Beautiful Dangerous (with Fergie)
  3. Crucify The Dead (with Ozzy Osbourne)
  4. Back From Cali (with Myles Kennedy)
  5. Promise (with Chris Cornell)
  6. By The Sword (with Andrew Stockdale)
  7. Gotten (with Adam Levine)
  8. Doctor Alibi (with Lemmy Kilmister)
  9. Watch This (with Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan)
  10. I Hold On (with Kid Rock)
  11. Nothing To Say (with M. Shadows)
  12. Starlight (with Myles Kennedy)
  13. Saint Is A Sinner Too (with Rocco De Luca)
  14. We're All Gonna Die (with Iggy Pop)

Music videos

Recording guitars & amps

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Slash Deluxe Edition
Slash Super Deluxe Edition

Slash Deluxe Editions (2010)

Featuring bonus tracks from Brazilian, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, iTunes and Deluxe editions

1. Sahara (with Koshi Inaba)
2. Paradise City (with Fergie & Cypress Hill)
3. Mother Maria (with Beth Hart)
4. Baby Can't Drive (with Alice Cooper)
5. Sahara - english version (with Koshi Inaba)
6. Beautiful Dangerous - radio mix (with Fergie)
7. Demo #4 - instrumental
8. Demo #16 - instrumental
9. Back From Cali - acoustic (with Myles Kennedy)
10. Fall To Pieces - acoustic (with Myles Kennedy)
11. Sweet Child O' Mine - acoustic (with Myles Kennedy)
12. Watch This - live (with Myles Kennedy)
13. Nightrain - live (with Myles Kennedy)

Making of the album documentary
Back From Cali - clip (with Myles Kennedy)
By The Sword - clip (with Andrew Stockdale)
By The Sword - behind the scenes
Starlight - live (with Myles Kennedy)
Mean Bone - live (with Myles Kennedy)
Track-by-track interview with Slash




Slash & Koshi Inaba
From the album Slash
Released: November 2009
Label: Universal
Tracklist: 1. Sahara / 2. Paradise City (feat. Cypress Hill & Fergie)

By The Sword

By The Sword

Slash & Andrew Stockdale
From the album Slash
Released: April 2010
Label: EMI, Roadrunner
Tracklist: 1. By The Sword (radio edit) / 2. By The Sword
>> Official music video

Ghost (promo)

Slash, Ian Astbury & Izzy Stradlin
From the album Slash
Released: June 2010
Label: Roadrunner
Tracklist: 1. Ghost

Back From Cali

Back From Cali

Slash & Myles Kennedy
From the album Slash
Released: July 2010
Label: Universal, EMI, Roadrunner
Tracklist: 1. Back From Cali
>> Official music video
Beautiful Dangerous

Beautiful Dangerous

Slash & Fergie
From the album Slash
Released: December 2010
Label: EMI, Roadrunner
Tracklist: 1. Beautiful Dangerous (radio edit) / 2. Beautiful Dangerous (radio mix)
>> Official music video

Starlight (promo)

Slash & Myles Kennedy
From the album Slash
Released: July 2011
Label: Roadrunner
Tracklist: 1. Starlight
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